Jack Cunningham, The Great Barrier (Series), 2010, silver, wood, shell, plastic readymades, 70 x 100 x 20 mm.

 7 February to 15 March 2015

Jewellery is an art form which provides a means of recording memory and experience in a portable and wearable form. Through this medium, it is possible to express ideas, thoughts, and concerns, which may not be achievable in other ways. This exhibition brings together 12 contemporary jewellery artists from the UK and Australia, who draw on and interpret their own experiences of ‘transplantation’. Each artist has created up to three pieces of work which explore a sense of place and cultural identity. Transplantation: A Sense of Place and Culture is a travelling exhibition developed by the University of Lincoln, assisted by the National Centre for Craft and Design and funded by the Arts Council England. In Australia, it is toured by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland.