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John Parkinson, Old Trawler Jetty Title
Old Trawler Jetty

In storage

Place of origin
New South Wales, Australia



Winner Calleen Award 1991

Accession number

Excerpt from The Calleen Collection by Peter Haynes (2019)

John Parkinson was born in 1921 in New South Wales, and was living at The Entrance on the Central Coast of New South Wales when he won the 1991 Calleen Prize. He took up full-time painting in 1970, prior to which he worked as a commercial artist and illustrator. His first solo exhibition was held in 1980. Of the 33 exhibited works, 12 were in oils (including Parkinson’s), the rest a mixture of acrylics, watercolours, mixed media and prints. Landscape again constituted the majority subject-matter.

Old Trawler Jetty is a neatly constructed image exemplified by a low horizon line, wide-ranging sky and detailed renderings of the shoreline and the fishing boats at the jetty. There is a quiet naturalness to the scene, an image of tranquil and embracing warmth. Parkinson uses a light palette and connects various areas of the composition through familial tonal areas. The sky and the water, for example, hold similar hues. Clever use of linear elements such as the low horizon and the sharp diagonals of the jetty divide the composition while simultaneously moving the eye around the painting. This is a simple painting that captures the serenity often found in singular activity in pleasant surroundings.