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Tripod vase with enamel, gold & silver leaf

In storage

Place of origin
New South Wales, Australia


Winner Calleen Award 2004

Accession number

Excerpt from The Calleen Collection by Peter Haynes (2019)

Greg Daly is an internationally respected ceramic artist. He was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1954. He studied for a Diploma of Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1975) and a Fellowship Diploma at the same institution (1976). He has an extensive teaching history with over 200 workshops and lectures delivered to college and ceramic groups throughout Australia and overseas, most recently in India (2018). He was Head of the Ceramics Workshop at the ANU School of Art from 2013 to his retirement in 2017. Daly’s list of awards and prizes begins in 1973 and continues through the 2000s. He is a Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva; a Member of the Australian Ceramic Association; a Member of French Academy of Science and Letters and the Ligue d’Enseignement et d”Education Sociale, France. Daly has held over 80 solo exhibitions throughout Australia and participated in over 200 group exhibitions in Australia and numerous overseas countries including Japan, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, the United States, Germany, Poland, Korea and Egypt. His work is held in over 75 national and international collections, most State galleries in Australia and regional galleries throughout Australia. He is the author of 3 major texts on glazes and lustres. He currently lives and works in Cowra, New South Wales.

Tripod vase with enamel, gold and silver leaf beautifully exemplifies the artist’s understanding of the importance of selecting the appropriate form and decoration to provide the cohesion of elements necessary to produce an aesthetically resolved artwork. It is a majestic piece. Daly has elected to use an essentially singular palette. Here a wonderful lime green is broken only by the insertion of panels of coloured enamel and gold- and silver-leaf. The form is simple and demonstrates the artist’s consummate control and understanding of his material. The overall green underscores the form yet quietly insinuates the exquisite confluence of form and decoration that is a hallmark of Daly’s art. The decorative panels have implications of landscape origins. These are not specified but rather lightly transposed references, abstract marks designating unnamed landscape motifs but beautifully appropriate embellishments to the elegant vessel. Landscape is integral to the artist’s practice, an aspect of his daily life that continuously informs the way he looks and sees and ultimately the way he makes.