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Betty Seers, UnisonTitle

In storage

Place of origin
New South Wales, Australia


Oil pastel

Winner Calleen Award 1995

Accession number

Excerpt from The Calleen Collection by Peter Haynes (2019)

Betty Seers’ Unison was unusual in the context of the 1995 Calleen Award in that unlike most of her fellow 32 exhibitors her work was not a landscape. Little information is available on the artist’s career. She was living in Orange at the time of the Calleen and had lived there for some time. She belonged to a local art group Studio 15, established in 1989 and still going in 2001, who exhibited regularly in Orange (including at the Orange Regional Gallery) and other regional centres in New South Wales. The Orange Regional Gallery holds one of her works in its permanent collection.

Unison depicts koi in a fishpond viewed aerially. The artist has skilfully portrayed the rocks, lilies and grasses of the pond while also indicating the optical effects of the water on the fishes’ bodies. This is a gentle and pleasant picture that captures a singular moment; a stilled moment of appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.