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Allan McClure, Boat Harbour WollongongTitle
Boat Harbour, Wollongong

In storage



Winner Calleen Award 1985

Accession number

Excerpt from The Calleen Collection by Peter Haynes (2019)

Reference material on Allan McClure is limited. However from a report in the Twin Town Times dated 15 October 2015 we know that he won the G.O.Kruger Memorial Prize at the Harden Murrumburrah Art Show and that he still lived in Cootamundra where he lived when he submitted his winning work to the Calleen Prize. The article also cites that he was “a well-known artist and Tafe (sic) art teacher (who) has guided the skills and careers of many local artists”.

Boat Harbour, Wollongong is a charming portrayal of a busy harbour filled with fishing boats and backed by the dramatic topography of the Wollongong district and an equally dramatic and dynamic cloud-filled sky. McClure is basically a realist and ensures that his protagonists are clearly rendered. This work is also informed by a form of tonal Impression that the artist very efficaciously infiltrates into areas such as the waters of the harbour at (almost) the front of the picture plane, the tree-filled hills at the back of the harbour and the fluffy dancing clouds at the top of the painting. There is also compositional sureness in McClure’s confident inclusion of a variety of shapes throughout the spatial configuration of the picture. This is seen in the rectangular white buildings in the mid-ground, the timber shack at the left-hand edge, the whites of the boats’ hulls and cabin, all adding to a controlled morphological richness that is matched by the varied palette. The figures at the front add a narrative human touch.