Image: Helen Geier, Strange light (detail), 2014, w/c, gouache, ink on paper, 56 x 76cm. Collection of the artist.

19 October to 17 November 2019

Helen Geier. Through Two Decades examines paintings and works on paper by Braidwood-based artist Helen Geier, produced between 2000 and 2019. Geier has been exhibiting nationally and internationally for more than four decades. Her exhibition history is substantial, beginning in 1972 and continuing into 2019. Her art explores the activity of painting and is characterised by an incisive intellectual approach. That approach is expressed through examination of the Australian landscape.

Her examinations, however, extend the notion of the landscape to include multiple ways of looking and seeing the landscape. A peripatetic traveller, her work includes interpolations of ways of looking from various cultures, including Indian and Chinese, as well as various expressions of Western cultures – in this exhibition,
18th-century England, and 1920s and 1930s New York architecture. Geier’s visual language is highly developed and sophisticated. Helen Geier. Through Two Decades provides a unique opportunity to view the work of one of Australia’s most significant artists. The exhibition is curated by Peter Haynes, author of Helen Geier, a monograph on the artist’s work published in 2016.