Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Cowra Regional Art Gallery is pleased to announce the finalists for the Calleen Art Award 2021 worth $25,000 in prize money.

The Calleen Art Award is an acquisitive art prize for painting in any style or subject. An entered artwork must be an original and unaided painting by the artist in any painting medium including oil paint, acrylic or watercolour. This year the Gallery received 407 entries by artists from across Australia and 46 finalists have been selected by the pre-selection panel of art professionals.

The Calleen Art Award encourages originality, creativity and excellence in the visual arts and is a signature art event in the central west region of NSW. The selected artworks consist of a diverse range visually compelling, thoughtful and challenging paintings.

The winning work will join the Calleen Collection housed at the Cowra Regional Art Gallery and visitors to the Calleen Art Award exhibition (including online at the Gallery website) can vote in the People’s Choice Award. This is announced at the end of the exhibition. 


Susan Baird, NSW

Andrew Baylor, NSW

Deirdre Bean, NSW

Camelia Blitner, QLD

Yvonne Boag, NSW

René Bolten, NSW

Sally Browne, NSW

Penny Burnett, TAS

Genevieve Carroll, NSW

Jacob Cartelli, VIC

Carol Christie, NSW

Paul Connor, NSW

Daniela Cristallo, NSW

Katie Daniels, VIC

Mark Dober, VIC

Shannon Doyle, NSW

Rachel Ellis, NSW

Lynne Flemons, NSW

Oliver Fontany, NSW

Keith Fyfe, NSW

Kate Gorman, VIC

Leanne Harrison Davies, NSW

Michelle Henry, NSW

Col Jordan, WA

Naomi Lawler, NSW

Tania Mason, NSW

Samuel Massey, VIC

Lisa McKimmie, NSW

Agatha Ngakmik Morgan, NT

Polly Ngale, NT

Eleanor Noir, SA

Rebeccah Power, VIC

Amanda Penrose Hart, NSW

Hal Pratt, NSW

Anna Petyarre Price, NSW

John Reid, NSW

Michael Simms, NSW

PJ Smith, ACT

Allen Stephenson, NSW

Belinda Street, NSW

Neil Taylor, NSW

Dianne Tchumut, NSW

Wendy Teakel, NSW

Phil Went, NSW

Anita West, QLD

Louise Zhang, NSW


For more information contact Brian Langer, Gallery Director, Cowra Regional Art Gallery on 0429072282 or email