Image: Photograph courtesy Roslyn Russell, composite design by Racheal Bruhn.

3 August to 18 August 2019

75 years ago, on 5 August 1944, a mass breakout of Japanese prisoners-of-war from the Cowra POW Camp resulted in the loss of 231 Japanese and four Australian lives (three more Japanese prisoners later died from their wounds). Cowra today is a place of reconciliation and peace between former enemies in World War II.

This exhibition bridges the gap between this tragic event and the reputation of Cowra today as a town dedicated to peace and friendship, and as a place that celebrates international co-operation and understanding across a range of venues and activities. The links between Cowra and Japan are particularly strong, and are a key part of Cowra’s contemporary identity.

Curated by Dr Roslyn Russell PhD, Historian, Museum Curator and Writer, the exhibition includes historic objects and items of decorative art, photographs and other documents. Also on display is a showcase of paintings and crafted objects made from recycled materials by Italian prisoners at the Cowra POW camp. Presented in association with the 75th Anniversary of the Cowra Breakout.