Monday, May 13, 2013

calleen winners 2013

Top: Gladdy Kemarre Anwekety (Bush Plum), 2012 acrylic on linen 183 x 121 cm. Winner 2013 Calleen Art Award.
Middle: Jo Bertini Wongitta Wadi Gold (Simpson Desert), 2012 oil on canvas 130 x 130cm. Winner 2013 Central West Regional Art Award.
Bottom: Neil Taylor Moondancers II, 2012 acrylic on canvas 137 x 153cm. Winner 2013 People’s Choice Award.

Attracting 229 entries from across the country, the 2013 Calleen Art Award and Central West Regional Art Award showcased the 72 finalists at a gala opening event on Saturday 4 May 2013. Over 110 people attended the reception, hosted in the Cowra Civic Centre, before heading over to a special preview of the exhibition at the Cowra Regional Art Gallery.

Judge Anne Flanagan, Deputy Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales announced the winners, praising the Gallery for the excellent presentation of the works and the wonderful panorama of Australian art in the exhibition.

The winner of the 2014 Calleen Art Award is Gladdy Kemarre, from Utopia in the Northern Territory for her painting Anwekety (Bush Plum). This is an acquisitive award with $17,000 prize money for 2013. The winning piece joins the Calleen Art Collection at the Gallery, comprised of winning works from the Award’s 37 year history.

Highly Commended was awarded to Bathurst based artist Rachel Ellis for Orange Wall, Bathurst, and to Newcastle artist Lesley Tilley for Static electricity posing as a coral fern.

The 2014 Central West Regional Art Award was presented to Peelwood artist Jo Bertini for Wongitta Wadi Gold (Simpson Desert). This is a non-acquisitive award with $2,000 prize money for 2014. As a first time winner of the award Jo Bertini also has the opportunity of a solo exhibition at the Cowra Regional Art Gallery.

Cowra artist Anne Stanley was awarded High Commended for her work To the Edge, as was Blackheath based artist Robert Malherbe for River II.

2013 Winner Calleen Art Award

Gladdy Kemarre, Anwekety (Bush Plum) 2012, acrylic on linen, 183 x 121cm

Judge’s comments

“This painting is dazzling. The work vibrates with a hundreds of luminous orange and red dots that seem to dance before your eyes. This shimmering surface composed of fine, brightly

coloured dots floats across a deep field and draws you in just as the landscape does. Gladdy has created a mesmerising work that speaks about her country and the seasonal colours of the bush plum that so dominate that landscape.”

2013 Winner Central West Regional Art Award

Jo Bertini, Wongitta Wadi Gold (Simpson Desert) 2012, oil on canvas, 130 x 130cm

 Judges comments

Jo’s large, square painting has a magic to it. The bright blue sky is like a ribbon that holds the animated brush strokes in place. The brush strokes move quickly across the canvas and are filled with all the warmth of the desert landscape – pink, ochre, yellow, red and a tantalizing orange that fills the foreground. The painting is carried out with confident speed and yet, as in the tradition of the oil sketch, has a keen descriptive quality.”